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About me


Welcome to the blog Isso Que É Amiga! Thank you for visiting and for being interested in knowing me a little bit more about me.

My name is Zênia Guedes, but known as Z. I'm from Bahia, born in Salvador / Bahia and I'm 36 years old. I live in Brasilia for 15 years. Graduated in Nursing and specialist in family health, public management and distance education.


A great friend, Priscila Carvalho, introduced me to Digital Influencer Camila Coelho, when the blog was still called Super Vaidosa, and in the period when I was depressed and low self-esteem. Since 2013, I follow several blogger of diverse contents, in particular, of beauty, decoration and humor.


I created the blog Isso Que É Amiga! On January 10, 2017. I love news in the world of beauty besides passionate about makeup, books, music and D.I.Y. The mission of this blog is to share information of everything that makes us good and useful in a fun, light and unpretentious way. After all, this is AMIGA!


You can also meet me on Instagram.

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